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11 useful gadgets for active seniors

Frederique/ October 12, 2018/ Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

Technical progress is making life easier. It can save us time to invest in more fun and useful things. You’ll find useful gadgets for active seniors in this article, so you can enjoy life to the fullest. 1) Robot vacuum cleaner Roomba Vacuuming is not everyone’s favourite chore. Meet Roomba: a robot vacuum cleaner that does all the work for you.

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The effects of modern technology to our relationship with society

John Dela Paz/ September 12, 2018/ Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

Question: MANY PEOPLE SAY THAT MODERN COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IS HAVING NEGATIVE EFFECTS TO SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS. TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE? The inevitable innovation of modern communication technology is a highly prevalent issue in today’s generation. Numerous people believe that it has an effect to social relationships. I fully agree with this notion, and there are few major

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15 Ways To Improve Your Health Using Technology

Lee Bell/ July 3, 2018/ Smart Gadgets, Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

The ubiquity of fitness-tracking technology in recent years has meant people are generally becoming more conscious about their health. Increasing mainstream availability of sensors on wearables such as smartwatches – that are able to give us better feedback about what’s happening in our bodies – means more of us are discovering insights into our health and looking at how we can improve

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5 Simple Tech Gadgets For Your Everyday Life

Helen Durkin/ May 1, 2018/ Smart Gadgets, Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

As developments in technology advance further, so does the number of usable gadgets. The tech market is inundated with various gadgets and with so many now available, it can be hard to decide which ones are worth getting. If you are lucky enough to find the right gadget, it can truly transform your life. These gadgets are designed to help

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