Harry Triguboff’s Tips for Succeeding in Property Development Business




Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have succeeded in property development – why wouldn’t you get your piece of a highly profitable industry pie? Learning from the experience of Australia’s high-flying real estate developer Harry Triguboff will get you right on top of the business world.As most self-made moguls, Harry Triguboff started out small, working on one development project at a time. His success is largely attributed to his visionary talent for discovering diamond-in-the-rough opportunities and going for them. Triguboff was the first to see the potential of higher-density housing options instead of traditional Australian free-standing homes, which helped him expand business considerably. The Meriton company established by Triguboff in 1963 has built over 55,000 apartment houses ever since, mostly in Sydney and Queensland. At 86, Harry Triguboff is one of Australia’s most influential businessmen, according to Forbes; he is still full of energy and goes to office 5 days in a week. Triguboff visits and monitors all the construction sites, working closely and listening to his team of the best experts who get paid well, which in his opinion is essential for succeeding in business.Harry Triguboff has formulated his own set of rules for everyone who wants to establish and run a prosperous business, where hard-working on something you’re best at and looking at things from customers’ point of view to give them what they want are the key points.


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